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The Ten Acre Estates of Keats Island

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Draft for the Ten Acres web page

02 May 06

Draft outline - for anyone wanting to finish this...


Story is that a fellow named Smitty (John Smith) subdivided what is now the Ten Acre Estates.
In order to subdivide he had to donate the 30 Acre park. (The 30 Acre Park is the low area, mostly soft and wet, between the two ridges. )

He may have had some relation to the Beach Combers TV Show and named the roads after those boats?


The ten acre, 4.047 hectare,  block size was determined  according to a couple of stories.
 1) The old surveyors used a chain for measurement. That chain was 66 feet long.
     10 chains by 10 chains = 660x660 or 435600 sq feet.
 2) There was a study done by the Islands Trust for the Gulf Islands in the 1970's that             used various features such as material to build a home, forest for firewood, area for livestock, etc, to determine the minimum size land that could be adequately homesteaded.

The Estates:

The Big Bluff
Sugar Shack
Blue Rock Ridge
Cordwood Cottage
Ár dTermoinn
The Penguin Ponderosa
The Lama Farm
The 27 Others?

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