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The Keats Island BC Ferry Summer Schedule
30 June 2009    -    07 September 2009
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[Langdale - Gambier - Keats]  Route 13 Operated for BC Ferries by:
Kona Winds Charters (604) 682-3074
Frequent traveller vouchers available at BC Ferries.
June 30, 2009 - September 7, 2009
Call  (604) 886-4420 to reserve boarding.

Stormaway Langdale Pumpkin

Route Map

Vancouver - Sunshine Coast
[Horseshoe Bay - Langdale]  Route 3 (AKA The Big Ferry) Operated by:
BC Ferries
(888) 223-3779  or  (250) 381-1401
Frequent traveller swipe cards available at BC Ferries.
Schedule: June 30, 2009 - September 7, 2009
Call  (888) 223-3779 to reserve boarding.

Route Map

[Horseshoe Bay - Gambier - Keats]  Scheduled Water Taxi Operated by:
Mercury Launch and Tug (604) 921-7451
Frequent traveller punch card available at Mercury.
Schedule: Ongoing
Call  (604) 921-7451  (1) (4) to reserve boarding.

Mercury water taxi at Eastbourne

Mercury Launch Sheduled Water Taxi Runs Map Horseshoe Bay to Keats Island and Gambier Island

Gibsons Harbour Ferry
[Gibsons landing - Keats Landing]
Schedule not available at this time.

Blue Bus
[Granville and Georgia - Horseshoe Bay] Route 250 and 257 Operated by:
Coast Mountain Bus Company (604) 953-3333
Frequent traveller vouchers available at BC Transit outlets..
Schedule: Ongoing + extra runs for ferry arrivals

Horseshoebay Shuttle
Schedule not available at this time.

Mercury Launch and Tug
Gambier Water Taxi
Gibsons Water Taxi   
Cormorant Marine
Dolphin Taxi
Hansen Marine

Mercury Launch and Tug
Dolphin Delivery
Gambier Water Taxi
Hansen Marine

Hansen Marine C-Tow

14 March 2009
GICA Langdale BCF Dock access meeting
Since 2006 BCF have made clear their intention to make significant changes to the Langdale terminal affecting the Route 13 Dock Emergency, Taxi, and Public Access.

If these changes impact you and your family you are invited to attend Gambier Island Community Center on 14 March 2009 at 10:15 AM. MLA Nicholas Simmons and MP John Weston may attend.

MLA Nicholas Simmons Letter
Meeting follow up is in the Forum.

02 February 2006
Public input concluding on 06 April 2006

Information regarding BC Ferries Concept Plan for the Langdale Terminal that was
presented at a recent BC Ferries Open House.

BC Ferries is conducting a "Consultation Phase" on the "Master Concept Plan &
Options" that will conclude on April 6, 2006.

There are many issues and options for the Langdale Terminal which may be of
interest/concern to users of both Route 13 (Langdale-Gambier-Keats) and Route 3
(Langdale-Horeshore Bay) under consideration by BC Ferries:

Terminal Master Concept Plan

- A concept plan that provides the framework for the phased implementation of
strategies and actions to accommodate functional needs for the terminal over the
next 20 years

- Enables BC Ferries to develop terminals in a cost effective, organized and
efficient way

a.. Improve waiting and retail facilities Passenger facilities
b.. Increase size of parking lot
c.. Restructure parking rates
d.. Size of parking areas and rates
e.. Provide covered walkways to berths
f.. Provide adequate waiting room facilities
g.. Foot passenger protection from weather
h.. Restrict use of or relocate Route 13 dock Unauthorized use of Route 13 dock
i.. Restrict movement in and out of compound
j.. Introduce pay ticketing
k.. Increase passenger security
l.. Provide a designated foot passenger arrivals area
m.. Inability to accurately count foot passengers
n.. Develop one way traffic system that restricts access to ferry traffic lanes
o.. Safety/Congestion at pick-up/drop-off area
p.. Increase size of holding compound Traffic congestion on highway
q.. Close direct access from Port Mellon Hwy at peak periods
r.. Queue jumping at entrance to terminal

Please review and consider the attached information and provide feedback to BC Ferries:
A form for your comments should be available from:
Erinn Cousins
Business Planner, Strategic Planning
British Columbia Ferry Services Inc.
Phone: (250) 978-1424
Fax: (250) 380-3029

BC Ferries Langdale Concepts For Discussion

BC Ferries Public Consultation
Minutes of the Route 13 Gambier/Keats
Ferry Advisory Commitee Meetings:

September 27, 2005
February 17, 2005

January 22, 2004
October 18, 2002

Joanne Doyle
Planning Analyst
Fleet Deployment & Scheduling
British Columbia Ferry Services Inc.

Telephone: (250) 978-1322
Fax: (250) 388-9599
Ann Carpenter
Community Relations Manager
British Columbia Ferry Services Inc.
Little River Terminal
Tel: (250) 890-7879
Fax: 1-866-280-0165

form for your comments should be available from:
Erinn Cousins
Business Planner, Strategic Planning
British Columbia Ferry Services Inc.
Phone: (250) 978-1424
Fax: (250) 380-3029

Feasibility Report on the Potential of a Foot Passenger Ferry Service
Between the Sunshine Coast and Vancouver

FAQ:  "What became of the Stormaway I & II ?"

FAQ:  "What became of the Dogwood?"

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Ferry Facts
BC Shipyard Workers

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